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Who I Am

As an award-winning self-shooting filmmaker, video editor, and colorist with 2D motion design expertise, I craft impactful short documentaries and brand films that resonate across platforms. My passion lies in creating engaging content – trailers,teasers, commercials, and even TV shows – that captivates audiences and drives results.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with renowned clients, including Lenovo, Mosaicoon, Pond5, Impact Hub, Dokout, Saint Gobain, and Seminal Film. These collaborations have allowed me to deliver exceptional videos that have even been featured on Condé Nast Live.

Driven by a storytelling spirit, I believe that films have the power to connect with people on an emotional level and inspire action. I approach each project with a fresh perspective, working closely with clients to understand their vision and bring it to life in a way that exceeds expectations.

Ready to bring your story to life? Explore my portfolio to see my work in action or contact me today to discuss your project.


What I Can Do For You

I offer professional filmmaking services tailored to your needs. From captivating documentaries to compelling brand films, I specialize in filming, video editing, and color grading. Let’s bring your vision to life with visually stunning and engaging content.


I capture stunning visuals using a diverse range of cameras, from mirrorless to high-end cinema models. This flexibility ensures I can select the perfect tool for each project, delivering exceptional image quality.

A passionate advocate for vintage lenses, I incorporate these gems, like meticulously maintained Contax Zeiss lenses, into my work. These lenses add a unique and distinctive touch to your project, infusing it with a timeless aesthetic and a touch of nostalgia.

Open to exploring additional options, I can rent camera models from brands like Sony, Arri, Panasonic to achieve your precise creative vision.

Video Editing

As an experienced video editor, my primary Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software of choice is Final Cut Pro. Since 2012, I have been using Final Cut Pro, and it remains my preferred software due to its exceptional performance.

However, I am also proficient in Adobe Premiere and actively expanding my skills to encompass the complete post-production workflow in DaVinci Resolve, which serves as my go-to color grading software.

While I have expertise in Final Cut Pro, I do not have a ‘fanboy’ attitude and remain open to working with other editing software.

color grading

Color grading is an art I relish, transforming your videos into cinematic masterpieces. With each project, I meticulously craft a distinct film look, meticulously tailored to its essence and my creative vision. DaVinci Resolve serves as my digital canvas, empowering me to achieve the desired visual aesthetic and elevate the overall cinematic experience.

My passion extends beyond the realm of digital tools. I’m captivated by the allure of grainy textures and the authenticity of film stock, which I meticulously replicate using plugins like Filmconvert. These nostalgic elements add depth and character to your videos, transporting viewers to a bygone era of cinema.

story search

Uncovering captivating stories is my superpower. As a filmmaker specializing in documentaries and brand films, I understand the power of a compelling narrative. That’s why I’ve meticulously built a vast “storytelling database,” brimming with unique ideas across themes like illustration, music, vinyl stores, and more. I firmly believe inspiring stories are everywhere, waiting to be discovered.

Need a captivating subject for your project? Let me help you find the perfect fit. Perhaps you already have a subject in mind? I excel at crafting stories that seamlessly align with your specific vision and goals.

My Skills

Expertise and Proficiencies

Final Cut Pro
DaVinci Resolve
Adobe Premiere
After Effects
Apple Motion
Affinity Photo

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I’m always expanding my network of talented individuals and businesses who share a passion for storytelling and visual arts. Whether you’re a creative director, producer, art director, brand seeking fresh perspectives, or individual with a captivating idea, I’m eager to connect and explore potential collaborations.

Together, we can push the boundaries of creativity and bring innovative ideas to life.

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