I’m a filmmaker specializing in short documentaries and brand films, but I also created different content like trailers, teasers, commercials, and tv shows.
My videos have been delivered through broadcasting, cinema, web, and social media and I worked with clients like Lenovo, Mosaicoon, Pond5, Impact Hub, Dokout, Saint Gobain, and Seminal Film, just to name a few.

Feautered on Condé Nast Live.


I shoot all my videos on Panasonic GH series mirrorless cameras, but I used to film with Canon DSLR and Sony cameras, so I’m open to rent and to shot with different ones (Blackmagic too, for example) if needed.
At the same time, I have a set of native Olympus and Voigtlander micro four-thirds lenses, but I’m open to using a different kind of lenses, cine and vintage included.


In some projects, the part I’ve enjoyed most has been grading. I like to give my videos a specific film look and to do it I use different tools, it depends on the nature of the project and on my inspiration. From Colorista to DaVinci Resolve to Filmconvert, no matter what’s the tool I choose to use because the most important thing is the final result.
I’m also open to using LUT’s and I’m a big fan of grainy look and film stock emulation.


My go-to NLE software is Final Cut Pro X. I started using it in 2012 (after quitting to use Final Cut Studio Suite) and I still consider the software that works better for me, but I also cut projects with Adobe Premiere and I’m looking forward to handling an entire project on DaVinci Resolve.
It’s clear I don’t have a ‘fanboy’ attitude and though I’m a Final Cut Pro X user, I’m open to editing with other software.


Most of my work is making documentaries and brand films so I consider story search as a part of my job. I have a sort of ’storytelling database’ that often update with stories that range from illustration to music, from vinyl stores to photography, from food to painting and so on because stories are everywhere.
So, if you don’t have a subject yet I can help you to find the right one, while If you have it I can craft a story that perfectly fits your needs.

    You can contact me at:

    Mail: info@michelangelotorres.net

    Skype: michelangelo.torres.net

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