I’m a filmmaker, video editor, and colourist specializing in short documentaries and brand films, but I also created different content like trailers, teasers, commercials, and tv shows.
My videos have been delivered through broadcasting, cinema, web, and social media and I worked with clients like Lenovo, Mosaicoon, Pond5, Impact Hub, Dokout, Saint Gobain, and Seminal Film, just to name a few.

Feautured on Condé Nast Live.


From Canon DSLR’s to Panasonic mirrorless to Blackmagic cinema cameras, I choose the right tool depending on the kind of project I’m working on.
I’m also open to rent and to shot with different ones (Sony, Arri, Z Cam) if needed.
At the same time, I use native Olympus and Voigtlander micro four-thirds lenses, but I also use a different kind of lenses, cine and vintage included.


In some projects, the part I’ve enjoyed most has been grading. I like to give my videos a specific film look and to do it I use different tools, it depends on the nature of the project and on my inspiration. From Colorista to DaVinci Resolve to Filmconvert, no matter what’s the tool I choose to use because the most important thing is the final result.
I’m also open to using LUT’s and I’m a big fan of grainy look and film stock emulation.


My go-to NLE software is Final Cut Pro. I started using it in 2012 (after quitting to use Final Cut Studio Suite) and I still consider the software that works better for me, but I also cut projects with Adobe Premiere and I’m looking forward to handling an entire project (editing and grading) on DaVinci Resolve.
It’s clear I don’t have a ‘fanboy’ attitude and though I’m a Final Cut Pro user, I’m open to editing with other software.


Most of my work is making documentaries and brand films so I consider story search as a part of my job. I have a sort of ’storytelling database’ that I often update with stories that range from illustration to music, from vinyl stores to photography, from food to painting, and so on because I think stories are everywhere.
So, if you don’t have a subject yet I can help you to find the right one, while If you have it I can craft a story that perfectly fits your needs.

    You can contact me at:

    Mail: info@michelangelotorres.net

    Skype: michelangelo.torres.net

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