Free to travel PROMO

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There’s a story behind every video and this is not an exception. I edited this clip using some free stock footage/sound effects, a music track from Be Still The Earth (purchased from!) and a voice-over taken from an inspiring TED speech by Kitra Cahana called ‘A glimpse of life on the road’. I did as a demo for a travel/freedom focused adv campaign I was about to propose to the Palermo (Italy) based video agency Mosaicoon, both to ask them if they liked the idea and to know if it was better to record a new voice over in Italian or in English because I couldn’t use the original one for commercial purposes.
To cut it short, Mosaicoon went bankrupt and my idea ended up a drawer, but some weeks later I decided to publish the video on my Instagram account anyway and people seem to like it so when I did my #bestnine2018 I realized that it was the most appreciated IG content of the year.
What I learned for this story is that a project couldn’t get through, but if you’re satisfied with what you did, you can share it, because maybe there are people out there could enjoy it as well.

  • Client Personal project
  • Skills Editing, Grading