Gyproc/Saint Gobain – Reportage

brand films


This is a reportage I edited for the company Gyproc/Saint Gobain. It’s basically a mix between a corporate video and a reportage of a two days workshop.
I tried to tell a story focusing not only on the products but also on people and the environment where the workshop had taken place.

A Kinovan production
Creative director: Giovanni D’Aloia
D.o.P: Ambrogio Palmisano
Shooting: Francesco Paolo Figlia, Michelangelo Torres
Editing and Grading: Michelangelo Torres
Sound editing: Francesco Paolo Figlia

Shooting: Canon EOS 550d and Canon EOS 60d
Editing: Final Cut Pro X
Grading: Magic Bullet Mojo, Filmconvert


Kinovan, Bari (Italy)


Video editing
Color grading
Motion graphic

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